Week Nine // Rendering with V-Ray

Week9_Interior1_Kennett  Week9_Interior2_Kennett Week9_Exterior2_Kennett  Week9_Exterior1_Kennett

This week I created renderings of my water park using V-ray for Rhino.

I really struggled with these images, but overall I feel as though I learned a lot from doing them. It took my over 8 hours to create them, as I had a hard time with shadows and the computes kept crashing.

Following the video tutorials, I was able to use the Rhino sun (something I had been unable to use before, and am excited to finally be able to do so) to set the lighting for each of these scenes. I used basic materials with the Rhino material editor to add color, gloss, reflection, and transparency to my architectural elements. I added some water by rendering a patched surface to be blue and transparent, from a curve I took off of each of the pools. To create the glass pavilion over my curving pool, I figured out how to create a material using V-Ray (thanks Bryant!!) and then was able to render it so that shadows showed through. When using Rhino materials I found that it would only be transparent one way.

Using the sun with V-Ray was really frustrating, as at first my images were extremely bright, and then when I got them to be less bright they lost all of their shadows. In order to render effectively, it is necessary to really play with the settings to get the best possible outcome. Even after these were rendered I did some Photoshop manipulation of brightness so that they looked the way I wanted them too.

Overall, I would say that the best advice I have for working with a program like Rhino is ask for help from people who can guide you. Classmates, teachers, friends. I found online non-video tutorials to be hard to understand, especially since the program is constantly updating.

For tutorials, I would suggest chaosgroup. They have a number of tutorials which are really helpful.

Here is a website with some of their tutorials:



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