Week Three // More Rhino – Modeling and Designing Structures

This week we worked on modeling pools and pavilions in the topography that was created last week. I had a relatively easy time following along and understanding commands, but I had a few issues and challenges along the way.

Object Snap is tricky! Trying to design in section and not completely messing up while also being accurate is hard. Some of the struggle:


A little hard to see the lines, but they are all over the place!

Another issue is the Command line itself – so many variables go into creating surfaces and polylines, and they are vital in creating accurate and functioning digital models. Details are important in Rhino, meaning it’s important to pay close attention to all the components in creation.

Designing the hybrid pavilion was difficult for me, as I found that I couldn’t get smooth curves for the roof, so mine looks more angular than I would like. I hope to go back and fix that for next week once I can get feedback on it. The Loft tool is an important part of my problem – I need to mess with the settings to get it right.

Final product:


As you can see, the ground is overlapping. This is due to each pool being set into it’s own individual ground layer. Eventually I plan to have a singular ground plane with all the pools set into it, but for now it easier to have them separate so that I can manipulate them at will.

I’m finding this work really helpful in understanding Rhino as a program – I’m already modeling much faster and easier for my studio class.


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