Week Four // Stairs and Handrails – More Rhino Modeling

finished freeform with rail   finished rectangle finished round diving board

This week we modeled our diving towers and stairs to add to our pavilions and pools. Overall I found it to be a helpful exercise in creating vital parts of architecture in Rhino.

The way I made stairs was not a way I had done them before – working in creating the curve in section and then extruding it really helped me to understand how a set works together so that they match up properly. This technique also helped me to be more creative with them within my pavilion, as seen in the pictures above. The curved stair with the free form pool is through using the section curve and sweeping it along a curve on the ground. This creates a tunnel shape underneath, which I like for an entrance to the changing room. The hybrid angular one is created through using the loft tool between three sections, two of which are perpendicular to the other.

Creating the stair tower was relatively easy for me, but I didn’t venture into trying a circular stair. I struggled to make my diving platform,however. My first attempt at moving the face was a disaster, and I struggled with it for quite awhile.

bad diving tower

I did create a curved platform on the freeform stair, however, using the technique used to create the freeform pool. I did some of this in creating my hybrid platform as well.

round diving board

Finally, creating the handrails was relatively painless for me. The only issue I came up against was the Extend tool, which didn’t seem to work half the time I tried to use it. If you look at this image, you can see I have tried to extend it many times with no luck.

wont extend

I would like to go back and go over the work I have done eventually, especially in trying to create a circular stair. I attempted to use polar array but failed miserably, which was frustrating.

My overall favorite skill I learned was by far the Gumball tool – I found it very helpful in rotation and small adjustments on a plane. I’m looking forward to experimenting with it and using it more.


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