Week Five // Chairs in Rhino

all chairs chair chaise lounge guard chair

This week I created three chairs using some important Rhino techniques.

I created a wire frame structure for each of the bases and then used the very easy to use pipe tool to create the structure. I had a few issues having the entire frame actually pipe after trying to use edit points to change the features of the frame. However a little messing around and being sure to click the right points together, I managed to figure it out. For the chairs, I used a series of offset squares to create a triangulated base structure. I then used gumball to change the base structure to the right height and width for the curving shape of the chair itself.

I found the creation of the chair relatively simple. The use of the array along a curve followed by a loft made a simple, aesthetically pleasing chair. I attempted to use sweep as well, which is generally more accurate, but found that the loft looked better overall.

I had a couple of issues with the edit points of a surface feature, as I didn’t change the CPlane the first time I was editing it.

wonky edit points

However after I did it correctly I found it easy to manipulate the chairs into the shape I wanted. I also used the gumball tool to change the shape and make it wider.

Overall I was excited to learn these techniques and look forward to using more array and loft tools.


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