Week Two // Modeling Topography with Rhino V5

This week we worked on modeling some topography off of a bitmap, creating a landscape to work on for our project this quarter. I have used Rhino before, so this was a nice way for me to get reacquainted with the program. I haven’t ever made topography in SketchUp or Rhino, so it was great for me to be able to see how it works. I feel as though I will be much better at creating these forms later on.

Here is a quick image of the topography lines traced off of the bitmap and pulled into place:


As you can see, layers are very important. I found that pre-labeling everything helped me to organize my thoughts. I accidentally pulled the lines downward instead of upwards at first, so they were reversed, but I managed to just reset them and do it again quickly. I am curious if there is some form of Rotate or Reflect command that could save me time in the future, but my quick internet search garnered no results.

An image of the overlayed surfaces created from the topography lines:

overlapping surfaces

Using the Patch command I was able to create a surface for the topography which I will be able to cut into later in order to create my building. As you can see in the image, the patch settings did not vary my surfaces hugely, as they are pretty close together.

Finally, an image of my topography with 1 ft contours:

final look

After converting back to feet and inches from meters (which the bitmap was in) I took 1 ft contours of the topography using the Contour command and my original square. From this I was able to see more detail in my topography, which will be important for my understanding of my structure later on.

I’m looking forward to creating and designing with this program soon.

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